Majority of Voters Demand Compromise as Personal Values Threatened: Bipartisan Georgetown Battleground Civility Poll

Economic issues were also named the clear top priority from voters for Congress to focus on.

WASHINGTON — The long-running national bipartisan Georgetown Battleground Civility Poll, made possible this year with the support of American Policy Ventures, found that 72% of voters believe their personal values are under attack, paired with data showing that lawmakers must seek bipartisan compromise over partisan conflict.

67% of voters said they preferred “a politician who is willing to work together to get things done, even if it means compromising on my values sometimes” over a politician who fights consistently for the same values even if it doesn’t often lead to solutions.

American Policy Ventures’ sponsorship of the Georgetown Battleground Civility Poll is part of the organization’s work to fund and conduct research that helps lawmakers navigate policymaking in a divided country, and to better understand how cross-partisan collaboration can create legislative progress for the American people.

“Partisan rhetoric in Washington is wearing on the American public,” said Paolo Mastrangelo, Co-Founder & Co-President of American Policy Ventures. “Voters are desperate for more compromise, less antagonism, and a mutual respect between parties that fosters productive legislation.”

While 66% of respondents strongly agreed that political division in America today is worse than it has ever been, even more (83%) somewhat or strongly agreed that “compromise and common ground should be the goal for political leaders.”

As for issues that voters want Congress to prioritize, an overwhelming majority of respondents (52%) stated that economic issues are the most important to their vote over cultural issues (18%) and abortion (26%), indicating that economic issues may be the most viable and popular place to find bipartisan compromise that leads to legislative progress.

“Voters are telling Congress to focus more on getting things done, and less on playing up discordant and divisive issues,” said Liam deClive-Lowe, Co-Founder & Co-President of American Policy Ventures. “There’s plenty of room to compromise on policy areas that will improve the long-term trajectory of the country.”

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